Dragon Warriors Day



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Dragon Unit

  • Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Armed units
  • Shooting attractions
  • Action performances
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Dragon Art

  • Dragon World Cup
  • Exhibitions
  • Warriors
  • Traditional disciplines
  • Fight disciplines
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Dragon Life

  • Determination
  • Friendship
  • Wisdom
  • Equality
  • Honor
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Dragon Cup

Long time ago, in the acient age of dragon warriors, one of the warriors went to his own life path. During the very long path, that gave him many experience, took him into the heart of Europe – his own homeplace – Czech Republic. The area, where lived dragons, was called Moravskoslezsko. The area was typical by its burnt ground and trees, so there were no visitors comming to this place – that was exactly the place the warrior was looking for. After long days he finally found the last dragon egg, From the egg became the last dragon, who stood by the warriors side until his death.
The inhabitants of this region, descendants of the legendary dragon warriors, annually celebrate the glory of their ancestors at the Dragon Cup Festival, which inspires all visitors of this festival to a healthy lifestyle, heroic deeds and endless improvement of their skills, so when the dragons will come once again, they will be able to become the dragon warriors!

Where to find us?

Stars Karviná

  • Winter stadion
  • Tenis hall
  • Outside area

Karola Sliwky 783/2a 733 01 Karviná – Fryštát Czech Republic


Stations: Karviná – Nové město – Obchodní dům Karviná – Fryštát – U železniční stanice


Station: Karviná – Hlavní nádraží