Rules & Disciplines

Dragon World Cup is open world cup in martial arts, where we are trying to connect as many martial arts as possible into one friendly and competitive competition. There are selected disciplines for all practicants of martial arts so all of them can participate based on the universal rules for everyone practising different styles of martial arts. The competition has many disciplines, such as forms (katas), solving self defence situations, basic disciplines as iron horse stance endurance, kihon techniques and of course fight disciplines (semi and light contact Dragon Fight).

Our goal is to unite and gather as many martial artists from different martial art schools as posible into one place, one competition so everyone can collect new contacts, meet interesting people who also love martial arts, make friends between each other and togather enjoy friendly competitive event. We do believe that everyone can achieve mastery, when They open their minds and their hearths and leave their limits of their point of view. There are many styles, and each of them have their specific training methods and techniques, and when martial artists take the best aspects from each, then one day They will become unbelieveble Dragon Warriors! 😉 That’s why you can see fighting competitors for example kungfu vs karate, where They use different techniques, strategies, so fighters must modifie their own experience and come up with something They have never experienced before! 🙂


Registrations for Dragon World Cup 2020 will be avaible on 1st March 2020 on link below:








Competition area

Winter stadion STARS Karviná

Karola Śliwky 783/2a
Karviná – Fryštát, 733 01
Czech Republic


Dragon World Cup Timeplan

  • Online registration start on sunday 1st March 2020 & ended on sunday 24th May 2020
  • Registrations and weighing of competitors on friday 29th May 18:00-20:00 and on saturday 30th May 2020 07:30-08:30
  • Official start ceremony on saturday 30th May 2020 at 09:30
  • Presumed end of event on saturday 30th May 2020 at 18:00

Accomodation for sport teams

Hotel Sport – STARS Karviná

  • We provide the accomodation through your registration!
  • Hotel STARS Karviná – area of Dragon Cup 2020
  • Reserved all rooms for Dragon Cup
  • 800 Kč/night/doubleroom with breakfast; 400 Kč/person/night (discounted price)
  • 1300 Kč/night/apartma with breakfast 650 Kč/person/night (discounted price)

Silesian University Colleges

  • We provide the accomodation through your registration!
  • Silesian University Colleges
  • 300 Kč/night/person
  • 900 Kč/night/apartma/2 = 450 Kč/person/night

“We are looking forward to your participation on Dragon World Cup!”

Team Dragon Cup