Dragon World Cup is independent competition in martial arts. First years of dragon cup was made in 2004, 2005 in Karvina city, where they were called “Turnaj Draka”. Thanks to this type of “open – All style” tournament you can see the versatility or the focus of the different martial art styles that compete with each other on Dragon Cup.

We have a few principles that guide the tournament:
  • Independence of practiced style of martial arts
  • Different styles – the same category
  • Independence of any federations
  • Gaining experience
  • Establishment of friendships and cooperations between martial arts clubs

Our goal is to create a prestigious competition that will be unique with its environment, quality prizes, high quality organization and especially accompanied by a rich accompanying program, where competitors will be able to actively try out many different activities across the area, look for a military equipment or try to shoot Weapon and much more.



  • Hard, Soft, Weapon, Synchron, Kihon techniques, Kihon
  • Dragon Fight Semi, Dragon Fight Light, Muay Thai
  • Solving self defence situations
  • Iron Horse Stance


Registrations are now avaible here.

Registrations on Thaibox are individual – contact Martin Vaňka here:  como-3@seznam.cz

Accomodation – we provide for you

  • Hotel STARS Karviná
  • 17x double rooms reserved for Dragon Cup
  • 1090 Kč/night/doubleroom with breakfast
  • +1 extra bed = 350 Kč/night/with breakfast
  • The same place where will be the event
  • University accomodation
  • Apartments
  • 700 Kč/night/double room
  • Students rooms
  • 255 Kč/night/person
  • 2,5 Km from event = 5 minutes by car